I read an article in a magazine a few weeks ago that talked about menstruation cycles. It said you should log how you feel each day to learn the pattern of your own. The day you start bleeding is day one. You keep a diary for a few months and then look back for similarities. I noticed a few things (mainly centred on mood changes) but also vaginal discharge. So let’s talk about that- as I feel most people don’t.

In the middle of my cycle most months I’d logged that I seemed to have more discharge than normal. I remember thinking on these days whether there might be something wrong with me. I’d suddenly find myself in the bathroom putting a panty liner in my knickers to not feel wet. Any woman that has experienced this will know it is not a nice feeling. Especially if you like to wear lace pants.

I did what anyone would do- I Googled “Vaginal Discharge”. I found loads of websites and cycle charts that showed me that most women have this issue in the middle of their cycle. It is ovulation. When the body is releasing an egg it produces more discharge. This is to help any sperm that might be in the area have a nice, smooth easy ride to where it needs to be.

Vaginal education

First off I’m appalled that in my thirties I had to Google this. Why is this not covered in sex education in schools? All we got was a short video telling us that we’d start bleeding and not to worry. Then we were handed a sample pack of Always products. Most of these ended up being thrown around on the school bus home by horrified boys. Some would be ingenious enough to mark with a red pen first for real squeal factor (sigh/eye roll).

Why are we not told about ALL of the changes that will happen to our bodies? And not just through puberty, but later on in life too? I’m lucky that my Mum is very open about the menopause so I know more than most. The changes in a woman’s body still seem to be a mystery- even to women. This can’t be right. We should know what’s normal so we can act when it’s not.

52% of us have one

The other thing I’m appalled about is that no one talks about these things. Chances are we’re all dealing with this- and all alone. My body is doing something natural. So I’m talking about it. We shouldn’t keep these bits of information in hidden, women’s health websites. Our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of. 52% of the population are women after-all.

My body, for example, is producing more vaginal discharge now as I’m in my 30s and without child. My vagina is literally crying for a baby. It doesn’t understand that I’m trying to do it a favour. She doesn’t care that I’m doing all I can to not have a baby. She is sabotaging me. But that’s it’s job. It’s telling me that it’s still working. “Use me!” it’s screaming.

Talk about vaginal discharge

Don’t be shy or think you’re a freak because something is happening to you that can only happen to women. It’s probably something totally natural that you just haven’t read about because it doesn’t affect men. Women’s health is health. Speak to someone, and failing that go see your doctor- they see them every day.

And most importantly of all, don’t shy away from women that do talk about it. Let’s make it normal. If you broke your arm I’m sure you’d tell people about it, same goes for the vag. If you feel it’s not quite right deal with it straight away, and without shame.

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