My friend raved about this book to me. She told me I had to get it. When I went over to her house I saw a copy of it with loads of small brightly coloured sticky notes sticking out of it all over the place. It’s now climbed up the charts in paperback and is from a #1 New York Times bestselling author. So I thought OK let’s see what this is all about.

What’s Untamed about?

Untamed is partly an autobiography. Glennon Doyle talks about her life and the things she’s recently been through. This includes being cheated on by her husband, trying to make it work, falling in love with a woman instead, leaving said husband, and making an extended family with the woman she loves.

She also talks about some of the issues around that. She talks about her Christian faith, and some of the backlash she has had since she started a relationship with a woman. Also she talks about reactions from family members too and how she dealt with that.

She talks about motherhood as well and all the trials that come with that. Trying to bring them up to be understanding, brave, and free. And at the same time dealing with your own issues and trying to ensure these don’t rub off onto them.

What’s the theory?

But more than just her life, Glennon talks about how many people there are out there living a life which is less than fulfilling. Women caging themselves to fit what society deem appropriate. It’s a call to action to “untame” ourselves. To really look again at what you want, not anyone else.

There are so many lessons in life that we learn which are just based on rubbish. One of the things that has really stuck with me that she speaks about is gender roles. We learn what it is to be feminine, but also what it is to be masculine. Our men are fighting for their lives trying to still be these strong, protector types. We need to do away with this and just see people as humans. Humans all have the same emotions, thoughts, and feelings and they should all be allowed to experience all of them.

Recommend Untamed

At times I felt like there was a bit too much talk of God (but that’s maybe just because I’m not sure on my take on that still). Also I don’t have children so I couldn’t relate to some of the things she talked about as a mother, but I can see the important points she raises about how we bring up the next generation.

Overall though I know that I would recommend this book because it’s not going to the charity shop. It’s sat on my shelf for me to come back to one day. Some books you just feel you should read at different stages in your life as you’ll take something totally different from it next time.

O and I will be reading it again with a highlighter. My friend was right to get the sticky notes out. So many great quotes for women of today to hold on to and have the power to keep fighting to be Untamed.

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