I’ve just finished reading The Fear Bubble by Ant Middleton. You may have seen him as Chief Instructor on the Channel 4 programme SAS: Who Dares Wins. If you haven’t seen him on that you’ll no doubt still know who he is. The Fear Bubble is the second in a trilogy. The first was an autobiography, and the third install is due to be about a positive mindset.

What’s The Fear Bubble about?

So what’s this one about? The Fear Bubble is semi autobiographical. In this book every other chapter is the story of Ant’s ascent of Mount Everest (which you can also catch on Channel 4 if reading isn’t your thing). The rest of the chapters are Ant talking about fear. He describes different kinds of fear- failure, suffering, conflict, and a feeling of not being good enough. He includes stories of his own life and people he has met along the way, both military and day to day life.

And he always brings these stories back to the theory of The Fear Bubble.

What’s the theory?

So the theory basically is that you can break down fear. Usually when you’re scared of something you’ll start feeling fear way before that thing is actually taking place. If you have to make a speech at a wedding for example you may feel nervous for days beforehand. What this theory aims to do is to put the fear into a bubble. So you visualise a bubble, and that’s the only place that the fear can exist. In that scenario the bubble would be at the top table whilst you’re making your speech. There’s no need to feel fear until you step into it. And then once you’ve completed your task the bubble bursts.

The thinking I guess is to break down fear into more manageable chunks. This stops you becoming consumed by it. It can’t grow enough to swallow you. Your mind will rationally be able to get you through that short burst.

Does The Fear Bubble work?

I read this book during a week I was due to have a blood test taken. I have a terrible phobia of needles. I did everything the book said. I didn’t allow myself to think about it the few days before. I was rational and knew it wouldn’t hurt and wouldn’t last long. I visualised the bubble in the nurse’s room. But when it came to walking out the door of my house I just couldn’t do it. The fear was paralysing me. I couldn’t do anything but cry.

It may appear from this that is didn’t work. But it did stop me spending the days before in total dread, so I will take that as a positive. I think I may just be an acute case.

I can tell you though that after seeing Ant Middleton live a few years ago I finally managed to have a tetanus jab I’d never had at 17. This was all on the back of him talking about fear just being the body getting ready. This really got into my head and honestly was the thing that got me through that shot.

Recommend The Fear Bubble?

I would absolutely recommend The Fear Bubble. It may not have helped me go through with my blood test, but then this book doesn’t propose to be a therapy book.

This book is about how to not live a life in fear. How not to fear what others may think of you. How to not live your life by other people’s rules. Take the chances that come your way. Don’t be afraid to be different.

Whether you have something in your life you’re scared of or not, you will definitely take something positive away from this.

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