Here’s a random thing that came into my mind about 1am last night when I couldn’t sleep. I’m at that point in my insomnia at the moment where I’m dead on my feet and deciding to go to bed at 8.30 like I’m a hundred years old. Unfortunately though, as soon as it’s time to sleep, my mind starts chirruping away about all the things that have ever happened over the last 20 years, and what might happen over the next 20 years.

At some point I think to myself – O, I feel like I could sleep for a hundred years. Like Snow White. That lucky bitch! She had what we’re all fighting to get these days, sleep. And not just a quick power nap that makes you able to drag yourself through the day. I mean a proper rest, where her brain will properly rewire itself.

Snow White runs away

If you think about it, Snow White had a really tough upbringing with a family member who wants her dead. So she decides to leave. A young woman who runs away from home as the unknown is better than being at home- the system has failed her. What she finds appears to be better than what she left behind. So she ends up living in a cottage looking after 7 men- probably because she’s desperate for someone to want and need her.

So she looks after them, cooking, cleaning, etc. She’s lucky they all work together so at least she’s only working around one schedule, and she doesn’t drive so doesn’t have to play taxi. But never the less she must be absolutely knackered- I mean she’s having episodes of psychosis that little creatures are her helpers for Christ’s sake. She’s a woman on the edge.

Snow White finds a friend

Then one day as she’s tearing her hair out with the number of things on her to-do list a woman shows up and offers her an apple. It’s probably the first person other than the guys she lives with that she’s seen in years. She’s crying out for human contact- she’s basically been in a never-ending lockdown. On top of that this poor girl has never gotten anything for nothing in her whole life. So she takes it and takes a massive bite straight away.

And it turns out to be even better than she thought. She thought she was getting a nice gift of a refreshing moment in her day to have a chat with someone else and enjoy something she hasn’t had to forage herself. But she gets all this and more because as well as all of those things it gives her peace. For once in her life, she has some peace. She has time to lie down and rest and not think about what she needs to do next for someone else.

Evil Queen or Heroine?

This got me thinking. Really that step-Mum wasn’t evil, she was taking care of her girl! The evil Queen is the original feminist. She’s saying- right girl you clearly can’t look after yourself so I’ll take care of it for you. She’s staged an intervention so the girl can just stop. She’s sick of seeing her being taken advantage of. Maybe she made some mistakes in the past and she’s now trying to put it right by making sure no one else can treat her badly anymore.

So Snow White is finally taking some time for self-care and resting. And then, along comes Prince Charming, probably wanting a sandwich or something, and sees Snow White having a lovely time-out. So of course he wakes her up. The knobhead! That girl was living our dream. She was ignoring the world, minding her own business, doing self-care like none of us actually could get away with in real life- and he wakes her up! Prick! And more than that- he’s marked as a hero for doing it!

We’re all Snow White

But this is just how the world is isn’t it? God forbid that a woman would stay in bed rather than get up and sort out other people’s lives for them. This is why every woman’s to-do list is bigger than a mans- because our lists are full of the men’s stuff too. It’s not deemed acceptable for a woman to be lazy because we’re meant to be spending all our time caring for someone else. We’re all just Snow White waiting for someone to come along with that apple. I bet she knew exactly what she was getting into biting that apple- that’s why she took such a big mouthful of it.

So there I was at about 1.15 am fuming about Prince fucking Charming waking up poor Snow White who just wanted a kip. Makes you think, doesn’t it?