Each month I receive a package from a subscription I have. The package contains ethically sourced sanitary products made from sustainably grown cotton with cardboard tampon applicators. The profits go to charity, and I am not using so much plastic. So, all round a great thing. A win-win for periods.

This month the package contained a sample of bags to throw away tampons in. And with it, there were some cards that stated that up to 85% of women flush their tampons down the toilet. Apparently, this is not ok. Now when you think about it this seems obvious. But it is just not something I had ever thought about before.

This was me

This was me. This product and awareness pack was aimed at people like me. A flusher, not a chucker. How is it possible though that I and other women like me have got this far in life without knowing that it is not ok to flush?

I have never seen any mention of this on tampon adverts. Is this because most tampon applicators are plastic, so they just do not want to draw attention to the fact that it is not an ethical product? Surely these companies could be making and selling their own bio-degradable bags and making even more money?

When you are a teenager and start using tampons that is about the only time anyone tells you what to do. There are no further conversations after those first few periods. All your education about your womanly body stops there. How crazy is this? There have been a lot of developments in the years since I first used a tampon, and yet I have had no new information.

I feel bad that part of the 1.5 billion period products getting flushed in the UK every year was partly down to me. But now that it has been bought to my attention, I am determined to do this no more.

What you can do for your periods

If this stuff is all news to you too, here is a list of some things you can do:

  • Look into sustainable cotton products- Fempowered are the subscription service I use, but I am sure there are others out there if you have a search
  • Look for no plastic products- Tampon applicators used to always be cardboard and now they are usually plastic. We have taken a backwards step. You can get tampons with no applicator at all as well, which are usually cheaper than the ones that come with one
  • Look into moon cups- These are small cups that can be inserted a bit like a tampon. But rather than soaking it up, they catch the blood so you can get rid of it and re-use the cup. I have heard a lot of people talking about these and saying they have helped a lot with heavy flows
  • Look for bio-degradable products- There are certain sanitary product bags that will bio-degrade
  • Find a product to help you not flush- The bags I had a sample of were Fab Little Bags which are made from plants!

So there you have it. Some information to period the modern and ethical way.

Let me know how you get on.