There are times in life where someone can irritate you, without even trying. It may be something that normally wouldn’t bother you. But the right/wrong mood and it’s explosive rage. We’ve all had times like this where we suddenly find ourselves in an atmosphere that we’ve created. You don’t know what made you kick off but you’re in it now. You’ve committed. This person in front of you is the most irritating person on Earth and in a minute you’re going to tell them.

Here is a list of things which get to me when the mood strikes:

Which channel is it? Irritating

I cannot understand people who never know what channel anything is on. I’ve never seen an episode of Doctors, but I know it’s BBC. When it really gets to me is when someone puts the wrong channel on for a programme they’ve been watching for years. For example, my Dad has been watching Emmerdale since it began in the 80s, and still asks what channel it’s on. Each channel has an identity, even someone in the office talking about a programme will tell you enough to guess the channel. I just don’t understand this problem and it instantly frustrates me. It is also irritating as it’s easily looked up on the TV guide. There is no excuse for choosing the wrong channel.

Annoying Smartphone Use

I get that some people who use technology now may not have grown up with it. But the great thing about smartphones is that they’ve taken this into account. You now don’t need to know which button to press. The screen will tell you the function you want, and you just press where it says it. It’s logical. How are people not able to follow logic?

Irritating Drivers

I have a particular instance here that drives me crazy about people driving. And it’s this. When a driver stops their car to let a pedestrian cross. It’s not a zebra crossing. There’s probably an actual crossing close by. And yet they stop all traffic to let someone cross, who would be able to do so in a second anyway. It particularly annoys me when I’m the pedestrian they’re letting across. I’ve stopped walking (as the green cross code) instructs which I was taught in Primary School. I may not even be paying attention to the road anymore waiting for them to drive past. Then you get the strange feeling that everything has stopped. They wave you across and you have to get your momentum back again and do a crazy jog walk thing across the road to get out of the way.

Stop stopping!!!!! If the pedestrian has stopped walking you aren’t going to hit them. So keep the flow of traffic and carry on. They can cross later, when safe. Douche!

Irritating things people don’t know

Now there are some things you won’t know in life. And that will be because you’ve never heard it before. You can’t know what you’ve never been told. I get that. But there are some things that it is physically impossible not to know purely by living. I once worked with a guy who said he’d never heard a song by The Beatles. He blamed this on his only being 19 and they were around before he was born. I wasn’t alive then either, but I still know there songs because I’m alive! Even if you didn’t seek them out, you’ll hear them on adverts, on nights out, at football matches, somewhere! This is so irritating as I just don’t believe that someone could live in the UK and never had heard a song by The Beatles. Total rubbish!

Supermarket Irritants

Supermarket Irritants

People that take forever in the supermarket over choosing an item. You know how it is. You want to quickly get round the aisles as quickly as possible. Then you’re stuck not being able to get the packet of biscuits you want as a couple are taking up the whole area deciding between hobnobs and digestives. “Do you want some of these” “Yeah, can if you want. Get whichever you want”. Omg someone just get something! These people then cause a backlog of other people. You’re forced to be that aggressive person reaching between them as your passive aggressive sighing didn’t work.

Personal Space

There are too many people who are not aware at all of personal space. These people should not be allowed out. The moment this will be the most annoying is in a queue. You can feel their breath on you, their shopping bags hitting your legs. Being this close to the person in front of you will not make the queue go any quicker.

There are also people who get far too close to your face when talking to you. You find yourself standing with one leg a full metre in front of the other just to hold them back. What don’t they understand about “Get out of my face!”.


We’re all a little bit crazy sometimes. Small things can set us off in a rage for no reason at all. Something that wasn’t a problem yesterday is now the most irritating thing ever. Nothing bad has happened really, there is no danger, but my lord you want to smash things up. At least I hope this isn’t only me. The best thing you can do for a loved one when they’re going through this is just let them ride it out. Actually, sometimes, it’s quite enjoyable to lose your shit.