So, just wanted to write a quick spiel and introduction about The Honesty Box section of the site, to give you some idea of what you can expect from this.

Suvannah is a positive place where I’ll share things I’ve learnt, ideas I have on life and how to live it in a positive way for myself, wonderful books I’ve read etc. And maybe some of that may resonate with you and you’ll pick up on something I’ve been thinking about and use it yourself to stop giving a shit about what other people think etc. But like everyone, life isn’t positive all the time and The Honesty Box is the place where all the other stuff inside my head will sit.

Introduction to Therapy

It will also house my introduction to and journey into therapy. After about 20 years of needing it, I’ve finally taken the plunge into it. Like many people I’ve heard stories about therapy and have a rough idea that it’s a good thing. But really I don’t have a clue about what’s involved. So I’ll share step by step what happens to try and give a clear view of what it’s really all about.

Also, I want this to be a place that talks about Mental Health in real terms. Usually, the story goes- I was in a bad place, and then I got help. But that’s not the end of the story, is it? Once you’ve experienced anxiety, depression, etc then it’s usually a case of ebbs and flows throughout your life. It’s not a quick fix, it’s something you learn to deal with which is harder at times than others. And I’ll talk about all of that.

No comparisons

What I won’t do is share specifics about what I’ve been through, and here’s why. Comparison. When people read the details of someone else’s story they’ll compare it to their own. This leads to people not getting help when they may need it. There’s a sense of “Well, compared to that what I’ve been through is nothing”, or the opposite “They’ve not been through anything, what are they moaning about”. The point is that your trauma is trauma whatever it is. So whatever I learn or talk about can relate to you whatever you’ve been through. We need to be empathetic of other people or what’s the point of having conscious thought.

Books, books books

I will of course also be reading lots of books about mental health. Ones that give great information about mental health, and self-help books too. These sometimes can get a bit of a bad rep. Yes, some of them are a bit hippy-dippy, but some of them are based on great philosophy and science. And at the end of the day if they help someone then they’re a great thing. But I’ll sift through them for you.

So, that’s The Honesty Box. Welcome 🙂