There has been a real downturn in the popularity and acceptability of glamour models in recent years. A lot of people complain about page three. They find it offensive, sexist and exploitative. The models themselves get a lot of bad press. Women in particular seem to love to hate them. In a new age feminist world where we should be body positive should we be hating these women, or celebrating them?

What’s wrong with glamour models?

The main issue seems to be that half nude pictures seem a bit crass and tasteless. Not many would count them as art (although anyone who’s tried to take a topless picture of themselves looking sexy should appreciate that this is no easy thing). Most would be of the opinion that it’s easy to make money taking your clothes off, much more difficult to earn a living in a conventional career. We’re all about taking the long route.

Then there is the feminist issue that women doing these glamour shots are keeping women sexualised as objects for men. Something that says it’s perfectly OK to stare at a woman’s body like it’s your own property. An item for quick release and then throw away.

What’s right with glamour models?

Many would argue in favour of glamour models saying that actually it’s difficult and very competitive. You have to be spotted, get a good agent, train in the gym, watch what you eat, work social media, try and get sustainable income from advertising deals or reality shows etc. There is a lot more to it than just having a few photos now and again.

Also the women who choose to do this are doing just that- they are choosing to do this. It’s their choice to have this career and it’s on their terms. If they can make money from people that want to look at them, good for them. You have to be a good business woman to pull this off.

My main issue with women hating glamour models though is, you can’t blame them. And I’ll explain why.

A life with boobs

I have large breasts naturally. I am not massive anywhere else, just my boobs. Some tell me this is a blessing. Now I am starting to feel that way too. But growing up it was certainly not this way.

Imagine your boobs start growing from the age of 10. From then on boys start making comments. Then at high school lads make remarks all the time. Every time one of them shows an interest in you he doesn’t really like you, he just wants you to take your top off. You’re the one they’ll get most points for. At a time when you just want to be like everyone else being pointed out as different is not easy, especially when it’s sexual.

Then you get old enough to go out drinking and everywhere you go there will be some moron coming over to tell you “Nice tits”. Some guy shouting across the bar “Fucking hell, check those out” making the whole room turn around and stare. Or the classic guy who just says “Wow” and then proceeds to give them a grab.

All of this is horrendously embarrassing, but having something men want from such a young age can also teach a girl to be very manipulative. You learn that a guy will do anything if he thinks he might get a look…. so let’s see what anything looks like. When it’s so easy and it’s all you’ve known what do you expect? When you could be handed everything you want in life and just take your top off in return, wouldn’t you?

Glamour models dictate

So next time you go to say something derogatory about a glamour model just think about all the crap she may have gone through. All the times some sleeze has shouted across the road to her. All the times she’s been groped in public. Hasn’t she earned the right to dictate when it’s acceptable for them to stare?

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