We are all different. We all like different things. Sometimes it can feel embarrassing to admit liking things which aren’t popular in fear of being made fun of. This is the key to embarrassment. The fear of what someone else will say. It makes sense to be embarrassed about saying something silly, getting someone’s name wrong, not being able to point out your home town on a map etc. But so many things we find embarrassing are physical things we all do and can’t help. What’s that about?

Falling Over

I don’t know anyone who has fallen over on purpose. No one would choose to injure themselves (or at least no one in their right state of mind). It is something you have no control over. You will feel yourself falling, but there is nothing you can do.

I’ve seen people fall badly and pretend they were fine just to not have to deal with the embarrassment. What is embarrassing about being hurt? Just take the help!

I think this has come from the reaction to a fall. Ultimately it’s just really funny to see someone fall, especially if they try and stop it. You’ve Been Framed wouldn’t still be popular if we didn’t. But ultimately you just have to laugh along, it’s not you they’re really laughing at. It’s just a funny thing to see.


We all have snot. It’s there to protect our nasal passages. It has a reason for being. But no one can ever see it. You must check your nose before leaving the house, and make sure you have tissues at all times in case there is an unruly sneeze lurking somewhere inside you. These are the unwritten rules of being.

The old office I use to work in had the most disgusting toilets I’ve ever seen in a workplace. There were actual bogies smeared on the wall next to the mirror. These people should be embarrassed, basic hygiene is not difficult.

But someone who has a bogie about to escape, or someone who has just had a nose explosion following a sneeze have nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone does it. The people who are looking at you like you’re disgusting just haven’t been caught yet. Their day will come. Ignore them and move on with your life, there is nothing embarrassing about bogies.


Farting is very much the same as bogies. Everyone does it. Well actually I used to work with a girl who said she only ever farted on the toilet. She said she’d never farted in front of her partner who she lived with, she’d go in another room or when she was using the loo. My take on this is if one of us leaves the room every time we fart me and my partner would only see each other for about 10 minutes a day. O and also she’s a liar. No one can hold gas like that and still be walking around functioning.

The average person farts between 10 and 20 times a day. No one is doing all that in the comfort of their home. You have to fart in public. You would explode if you didn’t. It’s one of the great joys of life farting in public and getting away with it. There’s always the chance that you’ve calculated wrong and it will be really loud.

Also these days you can make it a game. If you are working from home and having a meeting pop yourself on mute and fart away. There is the thrill you may forget the mute button, and also the pleasure in knowing something everyone else doesn’t.

Don’t be embarrassed if you accidentally fart somewhere,embrace it, laugh, and declare “Good arse!”.


Bodily functions or malfunctions are nothing to be embarrassed about. It actually says a lot more about the person laughing at you. If you fall and hurt yourself and someone laughs, they’re a jerk. If you have an escaped bogie or fart that someone laughs at- they aren’t comfortable or mature enough in themselves yet to deal with it if that happened to them.

Feel sorry for them, for they will never know the great pleasure of letting one rip in a lift full of people.