I was talking to a friend recently who is single. She said she couldn’t wait for things to get back to normal, post Covid, as people have too much time to spend on Tinder (other dating apps available). She said she’s been inundated with matches, go nowhere messages, and dick pics.

Why do men think that we want to see their penis, before you’ve even validated that a picture of their face is true to life?

What’s so amazing about dick pics though is just how terrible some of them are. If you’re going to go to the trouble of choosing your best ever photos of yourself for your profile, and then cropping and filtering them, why on earth wouldn’t you do the same to your crown jewels?

Bad dick pic

An old colleague once showed me a pic she’d been sent by a guy which consisted of his flaccid penis and yellowed y-fronts, which quite clearly sported some kind of stainage at the front. It’s 2020- you should know about camera angles man, cover the stain with your hand at least! What about this made him think he would be a good candidate to message with or meet up with?

I’m sure that most dick pics are sent with a pretty quick one-time rendez-vous in mind. But this kind of awful staging lends itself to character analysis and scenes of a future picking dirty pants off the bedroom floor and trying to explain for the twentieth time how the washing machine works. This is the kind of man surely who does no housework for himself. He’s probably taking his laundry round to his Mum’s house until he finds a new girlfriend to act as live in maid for him.

If he can’t take care of basic shit like taking a decent dick pic, what kind of holiday do you think you’d ever end up on that he’d organised? What kind of proposal would this guy put together? These pants have wasteman written all over them.

Dick pics-What are they for?

But even the good ones raise the question- why? What is it they are hoping to achieve from sending these? Are they hoping for something similar in response? And is anyone doing that? Is it one for one? A dick for a clit? Or do you start with boobs and go from there? Where else does he have to go though? What’s his next pic?

Or are these sent to initiate a conversation or is a meet up the goal? From what I’m told those who like to message a lot on dating apps very rarely turn into meeting up. It’s incredible the amount of people who have the time to talk to people they have no intention of ever meeting. I don’t even have time (and to be honest ok the inclination sometimes) to keep up with friends.

Is there anyone out there who enjoys getting these as anything other than comedy value? Is it the extra interaction that you don’t get with porn- like an add on? If you see like receiving these please let me know, would love to do a follow up with all the answers.