When you’re a child you believe that anything is possible. At Easter a giant bunny leaves chocolate eggs for you in the garden. When you lose a tooth a fairy comes and takes it away and gives you money for it. Then at Christmas the only person on the planet allowed to be obese crams himself down your and every other child in the worlds chimney with loads of toys. Of course he doesn’t do this alone, that would be ridiculous. He has the help of magical elves and flying reindeer, and they all live together in the North Pole.

You believe these things because that’s what you’re told. You’re told these things by adults who know everything. There are no questions asked. This is the truth because this is what happens, you’ve been told so.

The bubble burst

Then when you’re around the age you don’t want to play with those action figures he’ll bring you any more, BAM! You’re told that all of that amazing stuff you believed in isn’t actually true (sorry Santa if you’re reading this). Your Mum’s the tooth fairy, and your Dad’s the Easter bunny. All the magic in your life disappears, and it never comes back.

From then on you go to high school and life is just one big reality check. Everything is real, Everything has consequences. You must do this and not that. You’re good and this and terrible at that. But you still believe what you’re told so you’re impressionable brain holds on to these things.

If you’re told at school you’re terrible at art because your interpretation of a leaf doesn’t meet the naturalistic curriculum, then you will believe that you’re terrible at art. The truth though here is that your art just doesn’t conform to that one standard.

Lots of us struggle at school with languages only to pick one up as an adult with no problem. Or it may be PE where you struggled with team games that you weren’t interested in. And now you’re a personal trainer.

Believe again

What I’m saying is, believe in something. Believe in yourself. Because everything you have ever been told about you is from the outside. Only you know the true potential and talent of what’s happening inside you.

Do not allow other people to define who you are, or what you do. If you enjoy something, do it. Even if every time you get on stage at that poetry slam people laugh at you- if you enjoy it keep writing it. Creativity makes us happy. We lose it through other peoples grading of it throughout our life. But this shouldn’t stop us trying.

Start today. Pick up that instrument you haven’t played in over a decade. Buy some drawing pencils and a pad of paper. Download a language learning app. The things you want to do are for you, no one else. Maybe others will judge you, but they can’t grade the level of enjoyment you get out of doing something that fulfils you.