Welcome to Suvannah.

Let me start by saying- I am not a social influencer.

Be more you

I’m not here writing about things to point you to a certain lifestyle goal. I am not a go to the gym twice a day, green smoothie drinking, pilates instructor with perfect skin, hair extensions, and veneers (nothing against those things by the way, just saying)- I am not #goals.

I’ve noticed recently that everything I see on my social media seems to be the same. It’s all blending into one- and actually, it’s not inspiring to me, as it’s meant to be. It’s lifestyles, bodies, careers, aesthetics, designer goods, travel, clothes, etc etc etc that all aren’t me, aren’t ever going to be me, and I don’t actually think I ever want to be me.

I work eight and a half hours a day, five days a week, with 4 weeks holiday a year. I am a “normal” person.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone else living a normal life like this, talking about things I experience, or things I want to achieve. As I’m part of the majority I figured that others must feel the same. We need a place that teaches us how to be ourselves, not someone else. Aren’t you sick of people trying to sell you whitening toothpaste?!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

So here I am.

A real talker, for real people.

Enjoy the site and share on social media.

Sections on the site

There are different sections on the site where you’ll find different things.

In the Heart section, you’ll find posts about love- and that’s all kinds of love- romantic, love for your family, friendships etc. In the Head section, you’ll find posts about mental health and self-improvement. In the Life section, you’ll find posts about life in general, and random ideas I’ve been thinking about.

The Feminism section has posts about all aspects of feminism. As most modern women I’m still trying to really figure out what this means to people, and as I read and learn more I’ll share it with you.

Then there’s the Honesty Box. This section is full of posts about the things we rarely talk about. Included are posts about my journey into therapy and what to expect if you’re thinking about doing that too. This is the place you can come and understand that you’re not the only one to have fears and feel a mess.

The Reviews section, as you can probably guess, is where I’ll post reviews of books I’ve read where you can get an honest review from an avid reader. I read big sellers and random things I pick up in the library. So whether you’re looking to see whether you should buy that best-seller or looking for inspiration for something you haven’t heard of you should find it here.

Overall the site is here to offer new ways of thinking about things and to give yourself a focus on yourself and time to think about proper self-care.

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I am always open to recommendations of what you want to read about, so please always feel free to use the Contact page to get in touch. Whether you have a topic on your mind you want more information about or you want me to read something so you can read a review you know will be honest, just give me a shout.

Disclaimer- Everything I write about will be my opinion. You may not agree with this- and that’s fine because we’re all different. My intention will never be to offend anyone, and if I do then I apologise- and feel free to not come back 🙂